maria hagi-diakou


Business operator who was also dedicated and actively involved in community service and

charity work to raise funds for the less fortunate to undergo life saving cranio facial surgery in Australia


what sparked my passion...

... for alternative medicine and research into natural healing and anti-aging ? ​

My  faith and trust in Dr. Al Sears anti-aging and natural health and  beauty products are based on a very positive and personal experience  with regard to the amazing therapeutical benefits experienced by my  loved one who suffered from dementia and severe crippling arthritis in  the knee joints.

I  myself noticed amazing results almost too good to be true in  eliminating wrinkles after using Dr. Al Sears health supplements  combined with his incredible anti-aging beauty product "Silk".

My  dear mother was told by a specialist that it was crucial for her to  undergo surgery and knee replacements on both sides otherwise she would  have to face the reality of beng confined to a wheelchair in her  remaining years.

My  beloved mother did not want to heed this advice as she was terrified at  the idea of having surgery especially at her age. My mother was adamant  and I accordingly was set on the idea of dealing with these problems  conservatively at any cost.

During  my research into natural therapies to help ease my mother's pain and  ailments I came across Dr. Al Sears natural health and healing  supplements.

I  was impressed by the scientifically based evidence and information  regarding the therapeutical properties of Dr. Al Sears products and  decided to use them as an alternative therapy in my mother's situation.  To my amazement it was not long before she was free of pain and walking  briskly climbing stairs and engaging in everyday activities.

I  personally felt that almost a miracle had occurred. My mothers level of  activity was almost as if the clock had beer turned back 15 years in  time.


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